Automate product publishing for your marketplace.

Use AI to set product specs & create in-depth descriptions to speed up time-to-market.

Getting new products to market takes time.

Descrybe AI identifies and extracts product information from your sources, and automatically sets your specs & product descriptions.

Descrybe works with your existing tools and systems

Automatically process data from suppliers.

Integrate product feeds, or use our API to send supplier data directly to Descrybe. Our AI will sort through and extract key data.

Works with your systems.

Upload your specs and define how you want the output to look. Descrybe clones your product feed structure, creates .CSV files, and lets you directly parse information from it’s API.

Fills out specs & descriptions.

Descrybe helps you speed up time-to-market by doing all the manual work instead of you. It assigns your specs, and creates a compelling description for your products.

Completely tailored to you.

We’re happy to tailor Descrybe for your needs. If you need a specific output that’s not currently available, we’ll happily add it in for you.

Get in touch.

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